Is there a list of hidden features?

Yes there is. And you are looking at it right now.

Long press a movie

You can long press every movie poster or a movie in a list to get the Action List for that movie. No need to go in the detail of the movie and press the action button anymore. It works almost everywhere and we will always try to keep that logic.

Long press an action

You want to perform multiple actions on a movie? You can do it without the need to tap the action button over and over again. Just make a long press on the action you want to perform. It won't dismiss the action list and you will be able to perform your actions in a row.

Tap the currently selected list icon

If you tap the currently selected list icon, you will see that there are several display mode. See "How can I see how many movies I have in a list?" for the full explanation or try it yourself.

Long press the selected list icon

Now if you do a long press on the currently selected list icon, you will be presented with the list options screen. It is like a shortcut for the pinch gesture on a list.

Swipe a movie in the search list

To add it to your different lists. See "What's the fastest way to add a movie in a list from a search?" for more details or try it yourself.

Shake your device

First, you have to make sure the feature is enabled in the Settings panel. Then, just go to a list and shake your device. MOVIST will randomly pick a movie for you. You can do it on every list. It will always pick a movie from the list you see on screen.

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